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Come and meet our antiques. Here you will find the perfect art for your environment.

More than a Antiquarian, Eleven Moneys, was launched on the market in 1993 with the proposal to work as an arts office. Founded by partners Francisco Eduardo de Oliveira Pereira da Cunha and Paulo Roberto de Souza e Silva, the company specializes…

Marcus Soska Art Office

We are an established company for over 15 years in the market of Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana. Administered by Decio Rodrigues, renowned antiquarian son of Rio de Janeiro (Amauri Alves dos Santos), brother of professional restorers in Brazil and…

MEETING OF THE ARTS – Consulting and Investment – Arts Office, Martha Burle. Candlesticks, dishes of time, tapestry, chandeliers, among other beautiful and unique antiques!