SNOB ANTIQUES, the most carioca of antique with 63 years of tradition, style and taste is a store that is part of the history of Rio de Janeiro under the direction of the gaucho Pedro Scherer, who died five years ago, and the trajectory of his life professional amounted to much acclaim as the title of Citizen Emeritus of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), title of Citizen Emeritus of Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Ernesto Medal Rio de Janeiro, as well as three press kronika trophies in Culture area, Tourism and social, delivered to the Association of Rio Grande do Sul Press. Pedro Scherer signed for 40 years in several columns vehicle national and international communication, including with his twin brother Paul Scherer, VOGUE BRAZIL magazine.

Pedro Scherer, together with his brother Paul, are two of the founders of the Cultural Association of Friends of Museums Castro Maya and the Association of Friends of the Museum of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

When SNOB ANTIQUES settled at Shopping Cidade Copacabana to focus on the antiques market, by experience, Pedro Scherer launched the national versus international media fancy name like "Mall of Antiquaries" as it is known worldwide as the largest concentration of antiques Latin America, which are also art galleries, the Theatro NET, decoration and design shops.


Our Address:

Siqueira Campos Street, 143, Copacabana, 2º Floor - Stores 110 e 111


-22.966865318554, -43.187673807192