Your participation in the auction is free and open to the public. To receive our invitations, please click on the Registration link at the top right of the site. The buyer of an auction is called a bidder or bidder.

All lots are exposed publicly, before the auction takes place, for a minimum period of 1 day, at our headquarters or at the address indicated on our home page and also on our website.

Catalogs are prepared, with descriptions of each item (time, material used, dimension, origin, reference about an artistic movement and exhibition in which he participated).

The auction can be completed in 3 different ways:

1- In person, where the bidder must be present in the auction hall and make his bids in the best known way, extending your index finger upwards when you want to launch or cover an existing bid.

2 – Directly on our website, for this, the pitcher must be previously registered and qualified.

3 – Previous bid or by phone, for these 2 forms the client needs to be previously registered and request through the contact form of the website, that call when the desired piece is on auction.

O comprador pagará ao leiloeiro uma comissão legal de 5%, sobre o preço final da compra.

O transporte será a cargo do comprador e que este só poderá retirar os itens arrematados, após a confirmação do pagamento (em caso de cheque, somente depois de compensado).


Our Address:

Siqueira Campos Street 143, Copacabana, second floor, store 62


-22.966722985319, -43.187909938739