Cicero Amaral Antiquarian accumulated extensive experience of over 23 years in the antiques market, dedicated to the care of individuals, collectors, architects, interior designers and industry marketers, which provides advisory, consultancy and sales, with a view to its traditional expertise.

We do not limit ourselves only to the sale of antiques. In addition, we offer the customer a wide range of information, historical details and descriptions cataloged parts, manufacturers and artists of interest.

They are exposed in our rare parts store of the largest and most important European manufactures.

To better serve our customers, we are constantly attracting parts, including abroad, resulting in the maintenance of a collection constantly renewed compound rarely found pieces.

We await with keen interest your contact.


Our visitors and customers are sensitive people, interested in art and know how to appreciate the beautiful.

We visited not only by people looking for parts, manufactures and specific styles, but also by those interested in starting the procurement of parts and knowledge of art and antiquity. Our effort is always in order to provide secure access to old parts, as well as knowledge about them, extending it to all who wish to share with us.

We are at your disposal!


Our Address:

Siqueira Campos Street, 143, Copacabana, second floor, stores, 106 e 107


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