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More than a Antiquarian, Onze Dinheiros, was launched on the market in 1993 with the proposal to work as an arts office.

Founded by partners Francisco Eduardo de Oliveira Pereira da Cunha and Paulo Roberto de Souza e Silva, the company specializes in parts of the Monarchy and the Brazilian Imperial period also working with a varied collection of excellent quality parts. Brazilian furniture; Luso-Brazilian silverware; crystals; porcelains; jewelry eighteenth and nineteenth century among others.

Anxious to well meet the needs of its customers, Eleven Moneys, acts not only in Brazil but also abroad, renewing their stocks and looking for objects of great historical value.

Meet our parts through the website, or contact by telephone at (21) 2256-1552 / (21) 2256-1291 / cell (21) 99994-7394, or by e-mail onzedinheiros@uol.com.br and onzedinheirosleiloes @ hotmail.com

Also visit our facilities in Siqueira Campos Street, 143, About shop 145.146 and 147 in Copacabana and welcome!


Nosso Endereço:

Rua Siqueira Campos,143, Copacabana, segundo piso, lojas, 144, 145 e 146


-22.966356831555, -43.186867955109